Projected Plans For Daily Flights Between San Felipe and San Diego

SeaPort Airlines is currently conducting community research of San Felipe in the hopes of starting flights to San Felipe sometime between March 23rd to September 15th, 2014. In a meeting promoted by Wayne Cobb from Baja Diamante and held October 10th at San Felipe Marina Resort & Spa, Rob McKinney, president of the airline, discussed the plans for these commercial flights to San Felipe.


Meeting in San Felipe to discuss SeaPort Airlines bringing commercial flights to San Felipe Airport.

Projected plans are for a daily flight between San Felipe and San Diego, with the possibility of flights to Burbank, Tucson and Phoenix further on in the future. Planes used would be Cessna Caravans, which seat 9 passengers.

The Airline is working on the possibilities that once in San Diego, passengers could seamlessly continue on to connecting flights via Alaska Airlines and Delta Airlines, as well have the ability to book flights online through sites such as Expedia, Orbitz and many more.

Started in 2008 in Portland, Oregon, SeaPort Airlines specializes in regional flights, and is passionate about connecting communities and providing a great service to its passengers at an affordable price. They are also currently serving the Imperial County Airport, offering flights to San Diego and Burbank.

During the meeting, it was noted that the San Felipe Airport would require some revamping of infrastructure, including work on the ramp, security at customs and adjustments to fueling and grounds, but the current runway length of 4,921 ft. is more than adequate for the Cessna Caravan.

Baja California Secretary of Tourism, Juan Tintos Funcke, is working with SeaPort Airlines President Rob McKinney, to provide historical and current data and information on the market and demand in San Felipe.

SeaPort Airlines in San Felipe, expressing plans for commercial flights.

SeaPort Airlines in San Felipe, expressing plans for commercial flights.

The realization of commercial flights from San Felipe would mark a great step for the town, benefiting the entire town, but especially the tourism industry as well as San Felipe residents looking for transportation alternatives to driving the 390 km (242 miles) between San Felipe and San Diego or the 200 km (125 miles) between San Felipe and Calexico.

You can check SeaPort Airlines website Here and their Facebook page Here.