Desert Mothers News: San Felipe’s New Community Creativity Center

Since the opening of Desert Mothers we have had the dream of opening up the center to everyone: Men, Women, children Mexicans, Americans, residences, visitors, young and old. It is time that everyone has the same opportunities that Desert Mothers has enjoyed for years. Everyone should benefit from all the wonderful equipment that we have received and acquired. It is not fair only part of our community gets the benefits and the chance to grow and find new aspects of ourselves. Many experts agree that releasing your creative self is one of the most important parts of our personal journey.

Time to Get Creative San Felipe!

Time to Get Creative San Felipe!

Desert Mothers will continue as it is now. We are adding the Creativity Center for all of the San Felipe community. Our focus is the arts, but it will be a place for coming together to enhance our lives in many ways. We will have available space to learn many forms of art: including ceramics, mosaics, masks (sand and glass), furniture, metal art, jewelry, sewing, tile, glass fusing and glass etching. We also plan to provide art classes for children. Where else can you create your own mosaics, using your own custom made tiles.

In addition, we will have space available for individuals who want to offer classes for self-improvement. This could include Yoga, meditation, dancing, nutrition, exercise classes, book clubs, games, spiritual guidance, etc. You are only limited by your imagination.

We have space and equipment for the talented people of our town to share with others and add to their income. We have so many talented people living and visiting here and our hope is to become one of the largest Artist Communities in Baja.

Our goal is to provide a very special place for all of us and the community to share fun and friendship and build relationships between the different cultures. Let’s all work together and create a center where we can share our creative talents and explore our imaginations. Come join us and share the dream of making San Felipe a great Art destination.

Contact: Donna Roberts San Felipe 52-686-576-0089 or Sandi Flannigan 52-686-688-0022