Flavors of the 3rd Ceviche Fest

This year’s Ceviche Fest did not disappoint as chefs from various restaurants around town, as well as special guest chef Javier Placencia, dished up some delicious servings of this flavorful fare.


Chef Rigoberto Romo form ROSITA restaurant

On Saturday, chairs were filled with locals and visitors, mingling and chatting about their favorite ceviche contender, the beautiful San Felipe day and catching up on the latest bits of gossip.

Serving up Some Ceviche!

Serving up Some Ceviche!

The ceviches were delicious, some dressed up with slices of avocado and tomato, others delicately arranged on a tostada, all very much tasty as each San Felipe restaurant brought their talents to the table to put their own spin on the dish.


Welcome to the Ceviche Fest!

Live music rocked the crowd and set the mood for this great little festival, held on the Malecon, where it intersects with Chetumal. The weather had done a complete 360º change from the rainstorms only a few days earlier, and was sunny and warm, with the sea an intense shade of blue.

You can see the photos Here>>!