Thursday, August 22

Weather Forecast for Thursday, August 22, 2013:

Temperatures are looking like they could be a little lower for the next few days, in the 90s for highs and possibly even down to high 80s for Sunday. Humidity should stay high though! Make sure you’re drinking a lot of water to stay nice and hydrated! Take a peek at Scene on the Malecon to see what there is to do to enjoy an August afternoon!

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>> SUNRISE: 6:11 AM

@7:00 am

Partly Cloudy

Temperature: 88 F

Humidity: 54%

Wind: 5 km/h


@ 1:00 pm

Mostly Cloudy

Temperature: 92 F

Humidity: 44%

Wind: 11 km/h


@ 5:00 pm

20% Chance of Rain

Temperature: 91 F

Humidity: 45%

Wind: 10 km/h


>> SUNSET: 7:13 PM


@ 9:00 pm

20% Chance of Storms

Temperature: 91 F

Humidity: 50%

Wind: 5 km/h

One of the many things that makes San Felipe so unique is its tide patterns, visit our Tides Calendar Page to learn the current trend.

Enjoy your day in San Felipe, Baja California, México !