Desert Mothers Needs Your Support!

The women of Desert Mothers are coping with robbery and loss at their home store. Months of work were lost and the store was trashed. This was a low blow and very costly for the ladies.  Their income is generated by what they sell and the women of Desert Mothers have tried valiantly to be independent and self-sustaining.  Desert Mothers has stood on its own for the last 18 months and has not had a benefit or fundraiser. They raise money for projects with workshops and selling their goods. Due to this robbery, they are unable to attend the scheduled shows, which is how Desert Mothers makes its money.

It is with great sadness they are asking you for help.  

They need:

  • Small Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Florescent Light fixtures
  • Shelving
  •     Or cash to purchase the above.
  •     Volunteers to help repair the damage and paint

A big thank you goes out to our landlords representative, Jim & Shirley Moore for agreeing to secure our windows and doors.  

For information please email Sandi Flannigan at or call Donna Roberts at 576-0089.

Desert Mothers 
PO Box  9011 #1327
Calexico, CA