Friday, March 1

Weather Forecast for Friday, March 1, 2013:

Happy March everyone! Going to be a nice, warm day to start of the month as everybody enjoys starting March out with a weekend coming right up! This is the month for events and activity for San Felipe! Paella Festival, 250 Offroad Race, Blues and Arts Festival, Semana Santa and more!

Don’t forget to Check the Calendar of Events for more activities to plan out your days!


>> SUNRISE: 6:07 am

@ 7:00 am


Temperature: 59 F

Humidity: 37%

Wind: 23 km/h


@1:00 pm


Temperature: 77 F

Humidity: 21%

Wind: 23 km/h


>> SUNSET: 5:35 pm

@ 5:00 pm


Temperature: 73 F

Humidity: 24%

Wind: 21 km/h


@ 11:00 pm


Temperature: 63 F

Humidity: 35%

Wind: 21 km/h


One of the many things that makes San Felipe so unique is its tide patterns, visit our Tides Calendar Page to learn the current trend.


This Day in History:

Enjoy your day in San Felipe, Baja California, México !