Only 28 kilometers south from San Felipe: Marinazul Golf & Resort

A real estate development project identified commercially under the name of Marinazul Golf & Resort is about to begin infrastructure works.

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Promoted by the Spanish corporation Inveravante, which belongs to the Galician businessman Manuel Jove, directly linked to the oil, banking, wind energy, aerospace, gas carrier, metallurgy, automobile, hydro, telephone, art, real estate, finance, tourism and wine
industries in Europe, North Africa and Latin America.

Marinazul is classified within the sector of hotels and restaurants and is a type “A” tourist project, which includes hotels, condos, golf course and real estate development.

According to the two environmental impact manifestos delivered by Inveravante-Crecentia corporation to the Secretariat of
Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) in September 2011, Marinazul is located in the coastal corridor San Felipe – Bahia de los Angeles, a pristine area recognized for its high potential to attract international tourism.

The start of the project was awaiting its authorization while the environmental impact requirement was still under review in SEMARNAT on April 15 of last year.

The Spanish investor expects the development of basic infrastructure will be completed in a period of five years, and the time they will take to complete the work is estimated in about 25 years, while project life is estimated at 50.

The land on which the megaproject is intended to carry out operations is also known as Campo Santa Maria, Ejido Delicias or Percebú and is part of the Ejido Plan Nacional Agrario located within the municipality of Ensenada. The project will have an economical impact
benefiting the town of San Felipe, which is located 28 kilometers north of the project.

The investor, represented in Mexico by project manager Manuel Rodriguez Gonzalez, explains in the environmental manifests that due to the complexity and nature of the works, a master plan was raised and it is aimed at tourist-oriented real estate development.

The project involves performing a set of buildings and infrastructure that will allow the creation of tourist activities, which include
sports, relaxation, recreation and commerce among others.

For these reasons, Marinazul projected land development is considered a private investment of “high social benefit.”

The most important aspects that distinguish the project are:

1. – Design adapted to the natural conditions of the land, thereby allowing for the optimal use of the land in a sustainable

2. – Optimal use of water, including recycling wastewater for use in landscaping and irrigation of the golf course, and the
installation of a desalination plant as a source for drinking water.

3. – Exclusion of wastewater discharge.

4. – Integrated waste management.

5. – Implementation of an architectural approach according to the characteristics of the existing environment.

The Spanish consortium considers that the project Marinazul should be placed as a single property, whose estate covers an area of
1,200 hectares, which will house all specifics of the project that will consist of various infrastructure deployment phases.