Friday, November 30

Weather Forecast for Friday, November 30, 2012:

Already we’re at the last day of November and so far, the weather has been beautiful. Still T-shirt weather during the day, the light jackets and sweaters make an appearance at night, but overall, temperatures are enjoyable.

… Baja Fall, when the weather is just perfect and the season events and a surplus of fun things to do are at hand! Check the Calendar of Events to plan out your days!


SUNRISE: 6:21 am


@ 6:00 am


Temperature: 59 F

Humidity: 89%

Wind: 6 km/h


@ 10:00 am


Temperature: 77 F

Humidity: 47%

Wind: 5 km/h


@ 4:00 pm


Temperature: 77 F

Humidity: 46%

Wind: 8 km/h


SUNSET: 4:35 pm


@ 10:00 pm

Partly Cloudy

Temperature: 70 F

Humidity: 61%

Wind: 6 km/h


Enjoy your day in San Felipe, Baja California, México !