Update on the Mexicali-San Felipe Highway Detours

The Mexicali road is in full swing with construction, and there are currently 3 detours in the road.

The first detour begins approximately 4 miles before the mine road and is 13 miles long.
Three miles of paved highway until the second detour, which is 7 miles long. Another 3 mile stretch of pavement, then one final off road detour which is 4 miles long.

A total of 24 miles of offroad, most of which is currently fairly flat and hard-packed, though there are some rough sections and a few areas of ruts. Try to go around the ruts, as vehicles with lower clearance may scrape if they try to go through them. Always be aware of traffic coming in the other direction.

The new sections are already starting to be paved as work moves steadily onward aiming for a completion date in November.

First detour heading north – 4 miles south of the mine


Fairly well-packed road


There are a few ruts to watch for and carefully go around them.