Cultural Center Celebrates the Culmination of Their Summer Workshops

San Felipe Cultural Center celebrated the culmination of their summer workshops on the morning of July 26 by putting on an event where participants were able to perform and show their newly learned abilities to their families and guests gathered at the center facilities.

Local artist Corey Dudley assisted the students in the planning and creation of a Performance based on Mexican and Indigenous traditions. Folk dances and artistic exhibitions were the main part of the event.

If you would like to know more about the activities going on at our local Cultural Center you can visit the Center or call 577 02 96 also you may contact Corey Dudley for more information on how you can participate or offer your involvement.


With funds from the Mexicali government and the local authorities from July 2 to the 27 more than 50 young students benefited from this summer learning program with workshops on Theatre, Dance, Music and Visual Arts.