Why not a little excursion down to Gonzaga Bay?

Historic pic driving south. What the road used to look like.

About a 3 hour-drive from San Felipe (2 hours past Puertecitos), Gonzaga Bay is a beautiful little spot to escape to. Bring along a picnic lunch, fishing gear or tie a kayak onto your car and head down for a little R&R. If you are feeling adventurous, pack a tent and supplies and camp for the night. Temperatures are generally a little warmer and the water a little clearer than you will find in San Felipe.

The road down south is completed about up until 10 miles from Gonzaga Bay. It is best to take a high clearance vehicle with 4-wheel drive and once you get to unfinished bit of the road drive carefully to avoid rocks and soft sand.



The drive itself is very picturesque, following the coastline, providing views of the sea, mountains and desert, as well as the islands off the coast.





Nearing Gonzaga Bay, you will find the Rancho Grande Pemex station, open everyday except Wednesday, and you can pick up a few goodies.


There is a military checkpoint just to the north of Gonzaga Bay, where your car will be quickly inspected before you continue on your way.

Gonzaga itself is beautiful and relaxed, the perfect place to lay out on the beach with a shade umbrella and unwind from the fast-paced San Felipe life (jaja!).

Text and photos by: Anita Net