Gems of Baja

Every year 2 million people travel to Baja California, but there are many adventures off the beaten path that few get to experience. Step one, don't just down a margarita. Baja has the oldest and largest wine-producing region in the Americas. Wine enthusiasts will find working vineyards and wine-making classes, and more. And Baja California is not just for oenophiles. Foodies can enjoy from street food to seasonal local Bajamed cuisine. Beyond the resort towns there are small villages on and off the water, like La Paz and Todos Santos, that give you a taste of authentic Baja life, while oceanside resorts help you completely disconnect from everyday life. And last, but certainly not least, there are opportunities to create one-of-a-kind souvenirs when you explore Baja's unique glass-making traditions. For more information, please visit