Puertecitos to Gonzaga Bay and Mexico Route 1

Everything is excellent down to El Huerfanito and Okies Landing, a distance of about 71 miles south of San Felipe.

The road a few miles north of El Huerfanito


Doug Magee sends this report from Rancho Grande at Bahia San Luis Gonzaga ( update 10/2011):

(see their website at http://www.papafernandez.com/)

The road south from San Felipe is paved and open to "Okies Landing". It is paved to Juan Pablo's ( Popeye's) and should open by the end of this month. That leaves only about 15 miles to our camp. and they graded that last week. Not perfect but graded !

The road is scheduled to be Paved to Rancho Grande by the first of the year (2012). The Ranch is putting a chase under the road now , so they can service the Palapas with Power and Water after the road is completed.

The Rancho Grande Pemex station is operating but is closed on Wednesday. Rancho Grande now has a excellent fulltime Restaurant. open from 8 AM to 8 PM . They have a full line of supplies even Ice cream. The road south to Highway 1 at Laguna Chapala is s also rough and rocky. Travel time from San Felipe to Rancho Grande is approximately 2.5 Hours in a high clearance Vehicle.